Friday, July 30, 2010

2 More Sleeps

Uplift day has been and gone and I am now sitting here in my empty dining room in my camp chair with my coffee resting on the camp table!!

Thankfully Nathan's eye is healing nicely and he is able to open it almost 95%. He is in good spirits and coping with it as well as a 4 year old can. We are seeing a lot of change in his personality and thing that the move and accident are all taking a toll on him. I hope that he is able to settle down when we are on the road.

Our wonderful friends Denise, Brendon and James bought dinner over for us tonight and we have polished of a lovely bottle of red.

We managed to scam dinner on Wednesday night too. An awesome roast with Chris, Pete and Lachie. Chris even gave us a doggy bag of baby food for the Princess.

What are we doing leaving all these wonderful friends????????

Tomorrow is our "send off" which Neil insisted on having. I would have been more than happy to slip away quietly and can just see myself spending most of tomorrow arvo in tears. I have managed to find a few photos and start a photo wall which I am hoping friends will be adding to tomorrow.

Neil ended up having to get a specially engineered tow hitch for the van as the Patrol is so high. The blokes said they had never engineered something so extreme for towing a van!! Then we hook the van up and realise that the back of the car is a fair bit lower than the front due to the weight!! Neil had to go and get some new airbag suspension thingies which he assures me were essential, along with the other $30,000 worth of "stuff".

We still haven't packed the van. I think we are too damn scared that it isn't all going to fit and we have no idea what to do with it if it doesn't... I am thinking that the local dump master is going to get a work out!!

My next post will actually see us on the road, wish us luck. xoxo

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