Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Moving Day

OK, so I didn't think it could get any worse but yesterday it did.

I got a phone call from Neil saying that Nathan's kinder teacher had rung and he had fallen over and cut his face. Didn't sound too bad from the description so I headed to the kinder to be greeted by a HUGE black eye, oozy blood and one very very very sad little boy.

Put Nath into the car and headed straight for Maroondah Hospital. 6 hours later, one general anesthetic and 3 stitches later we were at home. Not a bad way to spend the day before our house was being moved!!

Anyway, a desperate phone call to Mum at about 3pm saw her on the plane at 5pm and here by about 7.30... how awesome. Spent the night packing boxes, cleaning the coffee machine, pulling legs off tables, hoses off washing machines and the list goes on... In bed by 11pm and up again at 6am to get more organised before the removalists arrived at 7.30.

Anyway, today was AWESOME. The blokes were awesome and just knew what to do and were really really lovely about it... They were here for hours and even had to go and get another truck because we filled 2 shipping containers and still needed more. Lucky we were only quoted for 1 1/2!!

The lovely Laura came by this morning at about 9 and took the boys off to playgroup, then for cookies and a milkshake. They came home, had some lunch and headed off to the park.. Thankyou Laura, you are amazing.

I am sitting here typing on my lounge room floor. We have the picnic table set up in the dining room and I am just about to pull the mattress out of the TVan so we can go to bed. It has been a HUGE day.. xoxo

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