Saturday, July 24, 2010

One week to go....

It is really happening, exactly 1 week to go until we hit the road.

Yesterday we had an awesome day with some great friends. Timmy, Andrew, Dennis, Jono and Danni (plus Ben and bump) all came over to give us a hand tackling Neil's shed and other bits and pieces. We had finally realised that there was SO much left to do and only about 72 hours in which to do it. Anyone crazy enough to offer help was taken up on it..

There were trees being cut down, Christmas lights being taken down, pirate ships being dismantled, computers being packed, not to mention trips to Bunnings and a heck of a lot of crap being shoved into boxes.....

We are about 90% there I would say. Today we are going to start loading things onto the verge ready for bulk rubbish this week. Might have to sneak a few more boxes out there from Neil's shed!! (shh, it will be our secret :-)

Will blog again on Tuesday since I will be sitting here in an empty house. xoxo

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