Monday, October 18, 2010

Go west young man

Troy with the only photo of Katherine Hot springs.
German back packers doing what only backpackers can do... Sunbake.. Good work Troy

Another long straight road

The nights camp at Big horse creek just out of Timber creek on the Victoria Hwy

Troy promised Danielle he would hug a tree for here on the trip... It was bad enough he let the bloody Barra go because of her.
Hippies doing what hippies do best.... Damn Tree huggers

Sunday was Caseys Birthday.Small party for the little fella.. All the other campers looked at us a bit strange! All good

Home Made in the camp oven the night before... Honest

Thies dudes live in the Boab trees & do a on mass migration. No mozzies .... I guess something has to take its place. We are up north after all

seed pods on the Boab tree

When they fall they must be pressurised because the explode with the sound of breaking glass

some more successful breakages

We head to the boat ramp  just at the end of the camp ground to see whats cooking. One of the crew who just pulled up reports a successful day with a whopping 108cm barra caught! FARK... they did have to travel 70 km down a croc infested river in a very small dingy to achieve such results. I never did see that barra... I reckon she worked for NT tourism commission. All the campers had a similar story to  mine.. No damn Barra yet..

Evening on the Victoria river

Troy having a nervous laugh after he found a legless lizard under his arse while sitting on the rock wall. The old fella in the back ground said only worry about the big ones. Last week he had a 12ft Python drift through the same point while he & his boys where fishing. It was a better option than the local 14ft croc that was waiting at the end of the boat ramp for them...

NT speed signs .... Object unachievable

WA speed signs .. Realistic... especially when you have a camper in tow
Yea baby home at last..... maybe!

Wrong turn here could end in more than just tears

Hey kids ... radiator springs off in the distance... Yes?.. No??

A 10 mtr walk to the waters edge from our camp greets you with this view of the Ord river

FARKIN electrical fault... It only happens when you get water in the engine bay.... Troy was pissing himself with laughter yet again for the 10th time this trip... Thought i fixed it with some WD 40 on the windscreen wiper motor plugs earlier.... Job for tomorrow ......

Fisherman's paradise

Croc's paradise. No fish landed while we observed them all fishing. A few Darwin locals sat near by laughing. They wouldn't do this up north. I recon they must have very good ESP or eyes in the back of their heads. 

We head off to visit a workmate in the area & say hello. It will be quite plesant to greet him with a hello & a beer in the evening & not the usual 3 am phone call from Melbourne with the usual spiel about a telephone exchange that's in trouble & we need him to drive 10 hrs to rescue it ... yada yada yada....
Above his guard dog greets us at the gate.. A bit like my old mate Guinness.....  with the drool & very happy to see you but without the humps...

Before we left I threw in a few Opera house nets to catch some fresh water crays. On return I went to check them to find a 5ft Freshie waiting down the bank. I will leave him be and wait until morning to check them. Hopefully I get the rewards for all my hard work & not him

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