Saturday, October 9, 2010

This blog is just a little bit behind ( maybe a month)…! Time to update.
After Elliot we went to Daly waters . The town is a Pub, Petrol bowser , caravan park & station all in one. Awesome food & friendly staff…

OOps Stephen Lee’s chopper waiting for delivery!

I don’t think I can make a contribution to this one.

Aussie version of the Nimbus 2000. Its only missing a stubby holder & it would be an awesome ride.
Plenty to view while you wait for your tucker

The walls are littered with Badges, Currency, Rego plates & bits n pieces from all around the world. The place is staffed by backpackers waiting to get there travel visa’s extended. Most unlikely to get extended. Felt like a departure lounge as they all only had 6 weeks to go before they had to leave & head back home..

After Daly waters we spent the night at Mataranka. Sorry No photos…. to busy swimming in the thermal pools or filming with the video camera. That evening we went for a dip in the Renner Springs pool. You hop in at one end & the currents take you out around a bend about 500 mtrs away where the springs head back under ground and then disappears. We had it all to our selves apart from the odd Golden Orb spider hanging over head waiting for a large insect or small bird to eat.
Next morning we hit the main thermal pools at Mataranka. Grey army city…. Shoulder to shoulder we sat. Still enjoyable but Renner springs leaves it for dead….
The pub had “We of the never never” playing 24/7 on the big screen. A big draw card for the German back packers…. No tome to waste as we had a barra feeding to attend back at the homestead.

The boys got an opportunity to catch a Barra in the ponds at the homestead. To date they are one up on Mum & Dad. It was an awesome show with the presenter catching a 1 meter plus Barra with his bare hands. They are well trained & don’t mind a few seconds out of the water to put on a show. The bonus is the one that gets the lift out has an extra feed of fish at the end.

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