Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good by Mozzies of Kakadu Hello Katherine Gorge

The night before we stayed at a camp ground at Merl . The mozzies where so thick it was unbelievable. As it was so hot I slept with the roof hatch up. The mozzies spent all night rein acting the battle of Britain only 20 cm above my head! the next morning when I opened my eyes i had a dozen of them on the fly screen above my head still eyeing me out for breakfast! Pack up that morning was a shocker. 90% humidity & already in the high 20's a shower was required before we hit the road.
Next day we opted for something a little more civilised with a safe water hole to swim at.
The pool at Kakadu resort.

After a big night on the coronas we had the worst case of the cant be's for moving on so we decided to stay another night & I also managed to get the blog updated.

That evening we hit Ubirr once again with travelers we had meat at Darwin earlier in the trip. This time we where rewarded with a spectacular sunset.
Don is the local ranger. ( the one who busted us for cracking a cold one on the rock last time) He makes sure no one disturbs the rock art or enters any restricted sacred sites. The lost his right leg at the age of 12 & makes his way around on crutches. Very impressive to see him negotiate the rock. He and his wife have been traveling for the last 2 years. check out 2followthefoot on blog spot... In a few more years I reckon they would have covered it all.

Just one of the dozens we captured. It changed from minute to minute.. Had to be there

Don doing the round up clearing the rock before the last light goes.

Photo already framed !

The next morning we headed out from Jabaru in the direction of Katherine & opted to check out one more art site in the park. Nourlangie rock had 2 galleries on display with the art work showing some fantastic detail.

First settlers ( Above)

The lightning spirt
He makes thunder with the stone axe attached to his knees and the hoop is his lightning
and yes yes there was more Barra pics! f#&king Barra....

In the car park we came accross this "Wicked" camper. I wonder if they get any takers?

Troy is considering repainting Tommy the Tvan in a similar style should this ploy work... I may have to purchase a tent ! 
Another NT storm building up

That afternoon we pulled into Katherine gorge. It had a pool with a one man band just 20 mtrs from our campsite. Bernie cranked out some mean tunes on his guitar while we sat back & enjoyed a few tasty beverages with our dinner. What a way to finish the day.

One of the locals coming in for a closer look...
We have moved only 200km south of our last camp & what a difference that made. Little to no Mozzies or croc's & I had to crack the sheet out to stay warm... Bloody tropics

Next day we went for a paddle in Katherine gorge with rod & lure in tow 

The landing beach just before the rapids 

fishing down stream of the rapids

Not a Barra but a Sooty Grunter. Good fight. A quick kiss & back it went to fight another day

The one that should have got away..... Poor little bugger ended up floating past on its side soon after.... DOH!

Even the Croc's have there own canoes to float down stream. (Caged for their safety) ..... At this time of year its a "safe" water hole but the sight of this was enough to put most off going for a dip.

Wish you where here!

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  1. Third time lucky today.......I hope.....Liz here....we are enjoying your tales and travels very much and amazed at what you are achieving. At last you have avoided rain for a while. Welcome back to WA a great place to live indeed. Hope you enjoy the Gibb....Tommy has done it it should be a good one!
    Hope this comment is posted
    Richard and Liz