Friday, December 3, 2010

And the storms they build.......

For the next few days this was the normal sight that greeted us from the beach looking back south.

Midweek and still no sign of Les French? When Les left it appeared as if he had turned off the water to the camp ground and on inspection of all the water tanks in the area we couldn't find any that supplied the camp ground. I had set up a bucket at the end of our tarp so we could try & save our own water for drinking but It never actually rained at Honeymoon.  We only received a few very heavy drops while the thunder & lightning surrounded us but nothing that would ever make it into the bucket.  We chose to use salt water for our washing up in the interim until Les showed up.  
A lucky cast & I managed to catch a garfish in the trow net.  Now i turn this into ...

THIS!!!!! it was a 4.5 kg, 90cm BEAST. The queeny jumped several times & left me with only a few meters of line left on the reel at which point I thought it was game over for me anticipating another bust off.  Luckily it tired enough for me to recover a few meters of line before the next run & the final haul up onto the beach.

1 fillet removed & the contense of its stomach examined. My bait was a bit worse for ware but I reckon it may have still had a pulse! The queen fish were ferocious eaters & you could see them pursuing the schools of bait fish in the shallows.  At this point you would hold onto your rod a bit firmer knowing what was likely to happen next.

That afternoon while fishing I saw off in the distance heading for the shore at a great rate of knots a long & slender fish similar in size to my queeny skipping across the water literaly on its tail for about 50 mtrs. It would have been doing over 60km/hr ... It was amazing. I would hate to have seen how big the beast was that was chasing it.
Yet another successful day fishing at Honeymoon

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