Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mr French arrives... and brings more storms

Les finally showed up at camp Thursday night. News was great for him the mangoes survived the trip & he was very grateful for our efforts. The news wasn't good for us though. He had set up camp for dinner at the Carson river the evening before  & the river was on a steady rise. Our intentions where to head off in the morning & continue on the Gibb west. He told us to come into town & chase him down before we left the area and he may have some more news for us on the roads out of town. Honeymoon bay was 30 km to the east of town & the Carson was 20 km to the south of town. 100km round trip. We figured continue with our plans to leave tomorrow. 

Breakfast of champions... our final morning at Honeymoon needed to go out in style.. Pack up of camp & off to Kalumburu. We rocked up in town & found Frenchy's other place. News wasn't good. A local Aboriginal ranger tried to cross the Carson at the upper crossing & was washed down stream the night before. He flooded the engine but managed to winch out to the opposite bank & make the 20 km walk into town to get help.  We were advised to go to the local cop shop & get advice on the road conditions.

Same news again from the local Sergeant we aren't going anywhere. Information was a bit limited as they boys where nearly at the end of  a 40 hr shift. The evening before another group of locals parked on the opposite bank & swam alcohol across the river and walked it into town. Town has a 6km "dry" alcohol exclusion zone where no alcohol is permitted. 6 Arrested in the lockup & they had to stay on duty until they had all been processed & released when sober. On all accounts it had been a very messy night  

We decided to make a few detours on the way back to Honeymoon & popped into Mcgowans beach.  The camp ground was magnificent. The fishing possibility's were endless with rock, reef & beach. All definitely worth a look next time

Almost tempted to stay here for a change of scene but bugger it we had honeymoon wired & all to ourselves. 

Back at camp that evening.... time to go back to what we knew....ahhh the endless supply of free power provided you got them out early enough before the lunch time build up & the afternoon cloud over 

Frenchy told us we could use as much rain water from his house water tank at honeymoon as we needed. The ocean was to full of nasties to even consider attempting to swim as you will soon find out. I was starting to smell so I needed a shower.  Troy had some good deodorant & I suspect a blocked nose so he didn't worry about personal hygiene while on our own.

Next morning Troy woke with the sun & captured the sunrise

For today this would be as good as it gets

By mid morning this was the forecast... Storms, rain, storms & more storms. I recon even the BOM would have got this one right

Just after lunch this was the view north from camp. The realisation that more rain wasn't what we needed... Reality started to set in. 

more again.....

here it comes

No fishing today. Holding a fiberglass & carbon fiber lightning rod didn't appeal in the slightest 

nearly enclosed

And finally closure.

You know the irony of this all was we didn't get any substantial rain at Honeymoon itself. We had our buckets ready to capture what we anticipated would be a months worth of rain in a few minutes but the event never ever occurred. I could barely fill a glass up with the water that we collected from the tarp that afternoon. The light show that was put on was yet again magnificent but it didn't help our cause any.

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