Sunday, December 12, 2010

Our break for freedom

A celebratory beer after a successful crossing of the Carson.
After a dry week at Steve's place we got the last 2 beers our of the fridge & made the most of it.  
Damn they tasted good 

The upper crossing. Not required today
This was underwater a few days before.
Adios to the Carson one last time. Until next trip.... Maybe.....
A section of road washed away. The ditch was only about a foot deep. The car & Tommy made it without a problem

This was the bad section of black soil road out front of the Theda station. We did get permission from the council office at Wyndham to drive the roads before we left town. If you get caught driving a closed road apparently it will cost you $800 per tyre. I didn't want to find out the hard way.

The road crew & a few trucks got bogged & made a real mess of the road. This all happened the day after we drove into town 2 weeks prior. 
The last section of closed road at Drysdale river station. It turns out we made the local bush telegraph in the area. We were the token story of the stranded tourists that couldn't get out of Kalumburu. Later on the trip we spoke to a couple in Exmouth and exchanged stories of our travels . They had heard about us being stuck as they also tried to get to Kalumburu but were advised against attempting to access the area. They also herd how Troy had an addiction to pizza shapes according to the Drysdale Station owner.  Wow we are famous!

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