Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nearing the end of the Gibb

After a few hours of picking photos for this post I realised they uploaded in reverse order. Read from the bottom up as I have a case of the can't be's & don't want to spend another 2 hrs re posting. 

A small handbag at one of the crossings near Imintji store

Time for lunch. Cold Mango's keeping in the $1000 esky. Transported from Steves place in Kalumburu. We handed out a few to the couple from ElQuestro as they wouldn't last much longer. .

A rock tool site?

Plenty of rock overhangs I had to go for a wonder about & sure enough I found some more. The snakes look cartoon like. 

The falls at Galvans gorge

We met another couple that we had been running into since ElQuestro at the water hole. It was a bit murky so we opted to take in the view of the surrounds & leave them to it. 

The little ponds on the walk to Galvans gorge

Pull Troy Pull. Pull like your pulling another man off your girlfriend!

Warp speed captain Solo

Trip back to camp across the pool

Disused route. 

The Ant's version of the Subway or Tube system. Keeps them dry in the wet

Free loaders

Dinner ?

The black stain indicates the width of flow in the wet season.  Now hardly a trickle

One of the deep pools at the gorge. Croc free? Not sure not going to risk it

Captain Obvious.... I know its that way the arrow indicates so!

Only the brave need consider making an addition to this one

One day they to will be great cairns!

The view across the valley. Camp is in there some were.

No obvious rock cairns?? look for the white road markers in the trees 

There you go Steve try & better that one..

Up on the escarpment. The walk to the gorge  

Track marker cairns... additional contributions can't hurt

Part man made part nature...

Looks cool doesn't it!

The "Long" walk around the pool to the gorge

Camp at Manning gorge under the Boabs

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