Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well it turns out that this couple we met at Devil's Marbles were right on the money with their campsite out of Elliot.

After a minor discussion about the exact turn off (yes, I was right) we travelled 10k's down a dirt track which opened out onto a beautiful lake with brand new facilities and only 3 other groups
all spread out over a 500 metre area.

The lake was full of magnificent bird life and the boys had a ball with the binoculars looking at who knows what while Neil and I set up the van.

There was some seriously nasty looking clouds looming so we got the tent cover out of the stove and I tried to get some dinner ready. We had opted for a BBQ so off Neil and the boys went to the brand new BBQ's while I fed Milla and made some salads.

Not long after as the rain was just starting, the boys returned with raw meat. The BBQ's were out of gas...... damn it...... We ended up getting out the gridle and cooking on the stove top. It was hot and sticky and mighty uncomfortable under the tent with all the bugs.

Dinner was a quick affair and the kids were bundled off to bed. The rain continued into the night but thankful had passed by morning.

We packed up in good time and headed out. The dirt track in had become a slushy mushy track out and the kids thought the puddles were hilarious.

We found a car that we thought you might be interested in Drew. Not sure what year it is but there may be some useful parts!!

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