Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alice Springs

We said goodbye to the Adams’ family again, this time we were doing the Merrindi Loop to Alice Springs and they had to go back to the main road as they don’t had a 4wd. We knew where they were staying so were going to meet them again….

We took the Merrindi Loop which was a pretty boring drive. We came to Hermansberg and were scared!! John, Alyssa’s step father is living there now and we popped in and had lunch with him. I can’t believe he lives there, it was really really scary!!

We sat by the river and had lunch and a chat for about an hour before hitting the road again. Neil wanted to have a look at Palm Valley, but he has seen it before and I was just keen to keep moving and be in Alice before night fall.

We found the caravan park and set up in a great little spot that backed onto a huge communal grassed area. It was beautiful for the kids. It had a great playground and the kids were in their element.

It was nice to be in civilization again with shops that were familiar. We spent a day walking through the city and did a bit of shopping. We got Milla the most adorable pair of bathers, pink and frilly of course.

The next day, Neil took Nath off to the reptile park. Case was exhausted and I hate snakes and lizards so it was just some bonding time for the boys. Nath wasn’t overly excited by the snakes and lizards but Neil thinks he would have learnt a lot. The dude running it showed how snakes react when they get startled and he taught Nath that if he sees a snake he has to stand still and it will just glide on past. I am hoping that we don’t come across one but if we do I am sure Nath will be able to put it into practice.

The days are flying by and Bali is only a few sleeps off. We stayed in Alice a day longer than we intended so it was time to make tracks and keep heading north. It was goodbye to the Adams’ family for the last time and they were only going north as far as Tennant Creek.

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