Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ayers Rock - Day 2

We awoke to the sound of more rain and were serious questioning our timing of this trip. I think we were up to about 90% of our day spent with some sort of rain.

We decided to lay low, get some washing out of the way and head to the rock in the afternoon.

Unfortunately we didn't realise but seeing the rock in the rain is a very very rare site and we should have probably gone in the morning.

As we were heading off to the rock we saw Jan, Richard and kids that we had befriended in Wilpena Pound. Everyone was so excited, the kids were thrilled to see each other.

We knew that it was going to be a pretty spectacular site but the feeling of driving down the road and seeing it for the first time cannot be described. I had goose bumps and heart palpitations. It was magnificent.

We went and had a look at the Cultural Centre which was spectacular and fascinating. Nath declared in the middle of it that he didn't like Bingo's (aka Dingo's) because he didn't want them to take his baby. What a pisser, the way kids interpret things just blow my mind.

The boys both fell in love with the wooden art work and as such we are now the proud owners of a wooden snake and a wooden lizard!!

There are a number of different walks around the rock but we decided that today we would have a look at the waterhole. We were thrilled that we did because there was still some water trickling down the rock into the waterhole and it was a beautiful sight to see.

We decided to do the 10km walk the next day so headed back for an early night.

Milla Moo was not 100% and had a temperature. I gave her some Panadol which she spewed all over me so tried her on some Nurofen which thankfully worked enough to allow us all some sleep.

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