Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Devil's Marbles

We weren’t exactly sure where our next spot would be so we were just going to drive and see where we could get to. We drove through Whitecliff Wells which claims to be the UFO capital of Australia. The caravan park was attached to the only bottle shop and needless to say, we decided to keep driving.

We got the “Camps” book from our awesome mates and saw that Devil’s Marbles camp site had the authors tick of approval which seems to be pretty hard to get so we decided to press on the extra 50 odd km’s and boy are we glad we did.

We followed the local coppers in, she had a car full of tourists so we thought we must be onto a good thing. When we pulled off the main road, the view of the marbles was spectactular. It had been raining and their was the biggest rainbow ending down behind the camp site. We drove in and the place was packed, it was magical. The boys ran off and made mates with some other friends as they do and Neil and I set up in record time.

It wasn’t long before another storm hit. The boys had just enough time to climb the rocks while I tried to get Milla fed and settled. Ever since she had been sick in Yalara she had been sleeping in our bed and really playing up whenever I put her in her own cot. I am trying to break the habit but it is not proving to be easy.

It was raining so much that I couldn’t even pull the kitchen out to make anything decent for dinner. It ended up being frankfurts for the kids and cheese and biscuits for Neil and I.

We got talking to a couple around our age (no children though!!) who had been travelling Oz for the last 18 months. They gave us some awesome idea on things to see and do. They also have a mate who is a mechanic in Darwin so we got his details so we can get the car serviced. They also have an awesome awning which attaches to the side of their car with 3 zip on sides to keep flys and mozzies out. We are considering getting one sent to Darwin because the flys are proving to be mighty annoying, especially for the baby. They gave us details of a great camp spot to stay at only a couple of hundred k’s from where we were.

It was early to bed because the rain was well and truly set in.

The next morning saw the most amazing sun rise. Neil took some awesome photos and even they probably don’t do it justice. We also had a visit from a very maingey looking Dingo who was defiantely hungry. I ended up putting the kids into the van because this thing was sniffing around like it was on a mission. Nathy just kept saying, “Put Millzy away, I like her, I don’t want the Bingo to get her.”

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