Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coward Springs via Lake Eyre

We headed off from here toward Coward Spring, via Lake Eyre. Well, to be completely honest, I wouldn’t say that it was the most exciting part of our trip. We could see the water from the lookout but it was miles away. To top it off, I opened the back door of the car to get a snack out for the boys and the damn fire extinguisher fell out onto my foot…. Holy Crap it hurt.

We got in late and had to bribe the children for good behavior with the promise of a swim in the “spa”. We couldn’t disappoint, so at only 29 degrees the 3 boys plunged into the natural spring. The kids had a ball. They didn’t care about the temperature until it was time to get out!! More marshmellows on the fire. The boys are so cute, they don’t like their marshmellows cooked so we just put them on sticks and they just eat them off.

Before we left I decided that 3 days without a bath was probably long enough for Milla so out came all the "stuff" from the box and in went the warm water and the baby. Not to be left out, after Milla had her bath (which she LOVED!!), in hoped Casey Jack.

They kids had a ball playing with the water. Gee I am blessed to have children who can keep themselves amused.

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  1. You guys rock! What an awesome adventure you are having so far. Miss you heaps and keep up the fab stories. xoxo Liv