Saturday, August 7, 2010

Putting in the Big Hours

Tonight we are sitting in a little caravan park near the Murray River in a place called Tailem Bend. We pulled in to town around 5.30pm which is a bit later than we had anticipated. I am picking up my Dad from Adelaide Airport tomorrow so we needed to be within 100 or so km's to avoid a mad panic.

The kids have been fantastic today, it is a bit of a change from yesterday when Nathan declared that "This is the worst holiday ever!!" Ah, the joys of putting in the long hours to make up time and not having an in car DVD player. I might just add that I am greatly enjoying "Riding Solo" in my car, the only whinging I hear is over the CB and I can always turn it off.

When we left Port Campbell we decided to back track a little and have a look at the 12 (or how ever many are
left) Apostles. The weather was magnificent, unlike the day before and the kids had a ball. Unfortunately some of the board walks were closed for renovation but there were still some awesome vantage points.

We spent last night in Nelson, our last night in Victoria. We stayed at the most beautiful caravan park which had Kangaroos everywhere. It was so clean and had a brilliant camp kitchen. It also had a faulty dryer which was still going with my load of washing in it this morning when we got up!! I had started it at 8.30 last night!! Thankfully nothing caught fire or shrunk too much.

It was FREEZING last night and at about 4.30 we had all 5 of us snuggled into our bed. We have a small fan heater but are too scared to leave it running overnight.

We have only been setting up the main part of the TVan as we have only had overnight stays the last 3 nights. We have come up with the idea of putting up our shower tent outside and basically unloading any of our extra items into the tent. It is working really well.

We went to Mt Gambier today and saw the Blue Lake. It is beautiful. Currently it is a deep deep blue colour but apparently in November it turns grey. Mt Gambier is a beautiful town, it would have been nice to see a bit more of it.

We drove through Kingston and saw the big Lobster. Neil made the mistake of calling it the big Crayfish and now poor Casey is all confused.

We are looking forward to the next few days with Dad and being able to just stop in one place for a while. Hoping to do some fishing and hoping even more for better weather.


  1. good stuff guys, keep up with the blogging!

  2. 6:59am? take off 7 hours :-)

  3. miss you guys already! sounds like ur having an interesting time.. keep em coming!!