Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Peterborough - The Boys are in Heaven...

We arrived at the local caravan park and wondered what we were in for. It was surprisingly brilliant. There were a lot of grey nomads all of whom were very friendly and a bit shocked when we explained what we were doing. They all wished us luck!!

We had dinner in the camp kitchen and they even had a bath so the boys had a wash before bed.

The next morning saw drizzle yet again…. When will it end??

We went into town and checked out Steamtown.. It was fantastic. We did an hour and a half tour which managed to keep the boys attention the whole time. It was a tour around the old rail works which included the roundhouse, turntable, work shops and the chance to climb aboard a huge array of old trains. Of course DS1 & 2 were in heaven.

From here we went to lunch and had “The best chips ever” as declared by Nathan.

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