Thursday, August 5, 2010

We Finally Left Angelsea!!

Yes, believe it or not we finally got brave enough to pack up all our crap and get a move on. Andrew and Alyssa looked after the boys while Princess Milla slept in her pram. We seem to have a bit of a system going. I will pretty much pack the belongings away in the van and Neil will pack the canvases etc. It took us a good hour and a half this morning as we tried to sort things as we went. Hopefully this will not be the case in a couple of weeks time!!

We had another very sad morning of farewell's as we said goodbye to the Hart Family. xoxo

We left Angelsea at about 11am which we were pretty happy with. It would have been a little earlier if the Jeep didn't have a flat battery!! We had planned to get to Lorne and have some lunch but 2 out of 3 children were asleep so we decided to keep on going. Oh yeh, I forgot to mention that during our time at Angelsea, the car seats were swapped over so I am riding solo in the Jeep while Neil has all three darlings.. :-)

We ended up eating sandwiches in the car and I fed Milla while we had a 15 minute wait at a roadworks block. The poor baby is getting used to eating cold baby food..

Would you believe that the gas refused to work on the Jeep and my fuel light came on. It was telling me I had 19km's til empty and the nearest fuel stop was 29k's off. Thankfully I managed to limp it there. It was mighty close.... The Jeep has not been my friend today.

The weather has been awful and we decided to pull up and spend the night at Port Campbell. We arrived here at about 4pm. We put up the TVan, cooked up some left overs and are now trying to get the kids to sleep... Wish me luck... xoxo

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  1. You can't say things are dull hey babe! Love reading what you're doing xo Miss you all.