Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Are On The Road!!!

Sunday the 1st of August bought rain, hail, sunshine and chaos. Talk about being disorganised. We woke up to the remnants of a party which saw the clean up of beer bottles and pizza boxes before we attempt to pack the van.

Alyssa's Mum, Kay came over in the morning and was awesome. She took control of the kids and made sure they were loo
ked after and fed. She also helped with the pack up.

Denise came over with piping hot coffees which went down a treat and Timmy popped in to pick up the 80's gheto blaster and some left over bits and pieces... he left with more than he bargained for. Timmy saw how much rubbish we had left over and offered to go home and get his trailer. Timmy, you are a legend. Where the heck would we have dumped a whole trailer load of stuff??? We did consider the railway line like every other bugger had over the years!!

We had grand plans to leave home by 3pm, this ended up being "If we leave before 5.30 we will be happy!!" Our lovely neighbours Jason and Rachel came by to make sure we were going and we did one last walk through of our home.

It was a mighty sad afternoon with lots of tears. With a heavy heart we drove out of our driveway for the final time. The home that we bought our babies home to, came home as husband and wife to and had many wonderful parties and memories in. :-(

It is day 3 of our holiday and we have still only made it to Angelsea… We were only supposed to be here for 2 nights but we have found ourselves to be so extremely disorganised that we cannot bring ourselves to leave while we are in such chaos. Thankfully we have both our cars here because have so much crap.....

We said a very sad goodbye yesterday to a very special family. The Clarkson's came down to Angelsea with us for a couple of days and we had a ball. The kids (big and small) went nuts on the jumping pillow, nearly got blown off the beach and played like mad in the playground. Jac, Timmy, Mitch and Lyssy, we love you so very very much xoxo

It has been raining on and off since the Clarkson's left which has been a little uncomfortable. Thankfully the TVan has no leaks and the Hart's are here still with their cabin!! Nathy stayed for a sleep over in the cabin last night with Mackenize and Milla had a sleep over in Mummy and Daddy's bed because it was so damn cold.

I discovered the hard way that I have holes in my shoes and have ended up with countless pairs of wet socks. I have made friends with the laundromat and seriously considering opening one when we finally stop travelling. Those things are money spinners.

We will be leaving tomorrow to make sure we make it to Adelaide on Sunday in time to pick up Dad.

Thanks to all who have been following our blog, we are having a ball. xoxo

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