Monday, August 9, 2010

We Made it to Goolwa

Ah, we are finally staying in 1 spot for more than a night :-)

We left Tailem Bend around lunch time on Sunday and headed to Murray Bridge to fill in time before picking up Dad. We headed down to the river and had chip butties for lunch while the boys had a great time playing on some old steam trains which were on the river bank.

The sky turned grey and dumped a heap of rain on us as I tried to load 3 kids into the car. The boys thought it was the funniest thing ever. I headed off to Adelaide and Neil and the kids headed to Goolwa.

Dad and I made it to Goolwa around 4.30 to find Neil with the main annex of the van almost up. The baby lying in her cot and the boys watching a dvd. Good work Dad. It was an early night after a dinner of bacon and eggs...Yummo.

The weather was against us again today, not that the boys minded. We hit the mini golf at the caravan park this morning with a tennis ball and had a great time jumping in muddy puddles. They thought it was great.

After lunch, Dad and I headed into Victor Harbor about 20km's away to Ultra Tune. The blokes at Ultra Tune said that the engine warning light was on care of the oxygen sensor and had no explanation for the gas not working. What ever they did worked a treat and the car is driving like new. $65 well spent.

When Dad and I got back, Casey and Milla were both asleep and Nath couldn't wait to tell me about the game of mini golf that he had played with Casey.

We are starting to think that Nathan may be having trouble with his ears again. Either that or, as Danni pointed out, his "Male Selective Hearing" has kicked in at the age of 4!! Hopefully it is nothing to serious. I will try and get him into the doctor tomorrow.

The boys wanted a BBQ for dinner so I grabbed some snags and started cooking them while they were playing on the playground equipment. When I went back to turn them, there was one missing. I thought I was going mad until I turned around and saw a very content looking magpie enjoying it. I got Dad to come out and finish cooking them while I went and fed the baby and when I turned back the magpie was sitting above the BBQ on the pergola roof, leaning over and looking at Dad. Bloody cheeky bugger.

It is starting to get cold so I am out of here into my nice toasty warm bed. xoxo

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  1. Sounds like u are having an awesome time. Miss you heaps. Safe travels xxx