Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wilpena Pound

From Peterborough we headed to Wilpena. I had no idea what we were in for but the Flinders Ranges are magical.

We stayed in the caravan park of the Wilpena Pound Resort. We pulled in about 5pm which is starting to become the trend. Once we drove around the camp site about 10 times we found our site and started setting up.

Talk about a small world, the family we were next too were related to a bloke Neil works with. (see picture)

Not long after we had set up a caravan arrived and pulled into the spot behind us. Out piled 4 kids aged between 11 and 2. Don’t you think the boys were excited. Casey and the little 2 year old Jemima became instand friends and before we knew it we were all sitting around our camp fire chatting. They were such lovely people, it was about 11 when we decided to pull the pin and go to bed. Anyone who knows me knows that this is unheard of! We arranged to have a breakfast date for pancakes the next morning.

Sure enough, true to their word, we awoke to pancakes being cooked. These pancakes were the best we have ever had and Richard was kind enough to s

hare his recipe. Mmmmmmmmmm pancakes…

We got ourselves organized, packed a picnic lunch and headed off to catch the shuttle bus up the mountain to a different part of the pound. I pointed out to Case the beautiful scenery and he replied, “Yes, the bus is beautiful Mummy.”

There was a 1km walk at the end of the shuttle bus which was alright for most of it but toward the end it became very rocky and hilly. The kids and I called it quits a couple of

hundred metres before the end as Case is not known for his

mountain goat prowess. The view was magnificient none the less.

Back home for a rest before preparing dinner for a BBQ with our neighbours and

another lovely couple we met from Germany. It was a huge feast finished off with a marshmellow melt off.

The next morning, the friendly German’s cooked us all up a feast which translated to “Emporor’s Crap”. Didn’t matter what it was called, with it’s rum infused sultanas it was a big hit.

We sadly packed up and eventually managed to get on the road. We had the most amazing time with such a brilliant bunch of people. If this is what the holiday is going to be like then bring it on.

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