Friday, August 13, 2010

Eating Our Way Through Hahndorf!!

OK, this trip is definitely all about eating at the moment. I am sure that is going to change once we hit the desert!!

That pizza I went off to order last post, well, it was the biggest bloody pizza I have ever seen. Nath was so excited. It was the funniest thing. Tasted good toowhich is always a plus!!

We had set up the whole annex and family room for the stay at Goolwa so needless to say it took us HOURS to pack the whole lot up yesterday to hit the road.

The weather was awful as well which made things a lot less enjoyable. I had the fun task of taking the kids off to mini golf while Neil and Dad pulled the annex down.

Once we were packed we left the van at the caravan park and headed into town for an awesome lunch at a local cafe. We walked the streets of Goolwa before saying goodbye to Dad.

We decided to head over the bridge to Hindemarsh Island where we could see the mouth of the mighty Murray. We could see some cars on the beach on the other side so decided to give the 4WD a bash. The patrol has never seen beach 4WDing. Neil had to get out and touch the water. Hillarious...

It was such a beautiful drive and the Patrol was in it's element. Casey was excited, he fell asleep after about 5 minutes!! We saw a HUGE piece of rope which had washed up on the beach from a ship and lots of other strange things which had been washed up on shore. I stopped and collect some cuttlefish which bought back memories of being a kid and going to the beach with Mum and Dad to collect cuttlefish for our birds.

We went back to the caravan park to collect "Tommy" and it was the first time that I felt we were on holiday together. As much as I enjoyed "riding solo" it was nice to join the family.

We drove for about an hour to Hahndorf and arrived here around 5.30pm. We sat the boys in front of a movie, I got some food on the go for Milla and we proceeded to set up the van AGAIN!!

We then made the mistake of deciding to go into the local pub for dinner. It was about 7pm by this stage, WAY past DS1 & DS2's bedtime. It was schnitzel night of course and the place was packed. Nath proceeded to chuck the biggest wobbly when we served him up vege's and schnitzel and not chips!! Anyway, lesson learnt.

Home to bed for a good night sleep for all.

Today would have to be the BEST day of the trip so far. We got up, had breakfast and decided to spend the day in town. It is just over a km walk and was lovely. There are some gorgeous houses and buildings along the main drag along with animals galore which kept the kids happy.

Our first stop was Hahndorf Produce Haus and Chocolate Shop. Talk about nice country folk. The lady in this store was amazing. We ended up buying Chocolate Rocks (thanks Laura!!) and white chocolate rocky road and then some cashew mustard, merlot jelly and some huge sausage thing!! We knew we were in trouble after leaving here as she pointed us in the direction of the cheese factory and a cellar door.

Walking past the Post Office and another lovely local came running out to tell us about a magic cave further down the road that the kids would just love.

We decided to stop for lunch and of course had to order something German. I would try and write it but I don't think I would get it right even if I tried to do it frenetically. I am a little scared about here, I took the boys to the toilet and found this old dude just sitting in the toilet, door wide open, pants down on the ground. EWWWWW.......

We found an awesome Fairy Garden where a lady hand makes all her own ceramic fairies. I cannot wait until we have a house again and Milla is a bit older. I already have plans for a half pirate / half fairy garden. Hmmmm, what can I get Neil to make?

While we were hot on the trail of fairies we came across the Magic Cave that the postmaster had told us about. From the front it was a very unassuming toy store but through the back door was the most amazing cave with various scenes, moving animals and narration. The kids thought it was amazing, actually we all did.. No photos were allowed unfortunately, we found this a lot throughout town.

As if the kids weren't exhausted enough we found a park for them to burn some more energy. More walking bought us to the cheese factory which was amazing. We love all of the cheeses they had but settled on a brie, a blue and some goats cheese thing. They also did an amazing red onion dip.

It was a huge day so decided to head back to the caravan park. Neither of the boys would sleep so when we got back to the caravan park we decide to run every last ounce of energy out of them and Neil took them to the playground!!

After dinner the kids were straight into bed, I am sure they were asleep before their heads hit the pillow. Neil and I have been pigging out on 5 o'clocksies.. ie, cheese, dip, biscuits, meat and red wine. Ah, this is the life. We both agree that today is the first day we have really felt settled and really enjoyed the whole day.

We are packing up early tomorrow to try and avoid some really nasty weather that is coming our way. We are hoping to get to Peterborough via the giant Rocking Horse.. photos to come.

Goodnight xoxo


  1. OMG love handorf u should have gone to the beerenberg factory if it is still there - amazing jams, honey, chutneys etc. Take Care xx

  2. Sounds like you are having a fantastic time. Enjoy!!!!

  3. Hope your having an amazing time, and I had to leave a lasting impression somehow, even it meant food. The pics are great. Enjoy it xxx