Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Last Night In Goolwa

It is coming to that time when we are facing the big pack up again!! Dad is thinking of heading off back west tomorrow so we are going to have to do some serious organising before he leaves to make sure that all the extra crap is loaded into the Jeep..

Yesterday we finally managed some serious sight seeing and all headed into Victor Harbor for the day. It is the most beautiful old town which fantastic sea side parks, lots of interesting historical things to see and most importantly.... a great pub meal...

We parked the cars right near an old steam train turn table which had the boys, young and old fascinated. There was also a wash down near by which bought more smiles to the little Thomas fanatics faces. We met a lovely couple who were doing geocaching. It sounds like a heap of fun. Kind of like a treasure hunt for big kids. I had never heard of it before but apparently it is world wide and you can get onto their web page, enter a postcode and it will give you the "clues" in the area you are in. You then go and find the "caches". Once we are a little more settled we may give some a go.

We headed from there to the local pub for our first pub meal of the trip. I am pleased to report that it didn't disappoint. They even had a miniature railway which ran around the ceiling of the pub (are you seeing a pattern here for Victor Harbor's history??). Unfortunately it wasn't working but it kept the boys amused none the less.

From there we walked the main street for a bit before I headed off to my dentist appointment. All things going well I may avoid a root canal!! Yep, no point doing anything by half. I had a huge portion of my tooth and an old filling that had disappeared and another huge decayed part... OUCH.. I forgot my iPhone headphones so had the pleasure of listening to the drill for an hour. Did I mention that I HATE the dentist?

The family came and waited for me after Neil heading into the polling station to get our voting out of the way. Back to the car via some great little knick knack shops and home to the caravan park.

Last night the winds picked up and I am not exaggerating when I say I thought the annex was going to blow away. It hasn't stopped for the last 24 hours, at least the kites have been flying!! The locals said they haven't seen it like this for years... of course not I say, only when the Hemo's come to town.

It has been a day of bumming around the caravan park, riding bikes, playing on the swings, mini golf, movies and kite flying. Neil ended up having a telephone interview for a job in Perth so we will wait and see how that goes.

Off to order wood fire pizza for dinner. xoxo


  1. Good old Victor great place in the summer!!! Just watch out for the bloody seagulls!! Loving the blog stay safe xxx

  2. What an experience!! I especially like the driving by yourself.